We offer 7 and 10-day Plains game hunts along with dangerous game. Daily rate hunts are also available. Hunting in South Africa takes place along the game-rich Limpopo River. This concession includes over 200,000 acres of land.  We have taken many top ten SCI Record book animals with this outfitter.

Our next outfitter hunts in 9 difference provinces of Africa. Your safari destination depends on the species you’ll be hunting. A new concession in Mozambique offers excellent Crocodile, Buffalo and Hippo hunting. Other concessions near Kruger and in Zimbabwe also offer fantastic Buffalo hunting. Leopard hunting takes place in Namibia as well as Zimbabwe where hounds are still allowed. Lion hunting takes place in the Kalahari as well as Tanzania. Elephant hunting is also available in various locations.

Ask us about our photo safari and options for non-hunters, as this is a great adventure to bring a spouse! Destinations include Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls and many other local attractions.


We offer numerous great locations for our Alaskan hunts. All of the following are available from excellent outfitters.


Hunt the Midwestern part of the province for monster Black Bear. This is a two bear area with about a 35% color phase opportunity. This hunt is excellent for archery or rifle hunts.

Winter Wolf hunts are also available. These hunts are 6 days long and take place from a heated blind located over bait. Two wolves may be taken on this hunt. This hunt has high success rates.


We hunt over 350,000 acres of the Northern Territory Southeast of Darwin. We have excellent success rates on trophy South Pacific Water Buffalo, Wild Boar and Wild Scrub Bull.

British Columbia:

Hunts take place in the following locations.


We offer quality hunts for Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear on private land ranches. Our rifle elk hunts are near 100% success! Our units are in the western slope of the state, which include Game Management Units 52, 53, 63, 64, 65 and 521. We have landowner tags for big Mule Deer that average 170-180 B&C inches.

Our Mountain Lion and Bobcat hunts in Western Colorado are excellent. These hunts have been near 100% success for years and you can expect to harvest a mature Tom in the 130-160lb range. Colorado has produced more Boone & Crockett Mountain Lions over the past 10 years than any other state.


Hunt Greenland Muskox on Victoria Island along with Artic Island Caribou. Muskox and Artic Wolves are also available on Nunavit Mainland. Another territory we hunt produces Queen Maud Gulf Trophy Barren Ground Muskox. Hunting at Cambridge Bay, Cape Peel and Ellice River also available. Atlantic Walrus and Barren Ground Grizzly hunts are offered as well.


Hunt huge-racked Whitetails in Adams, Brown, Pike and Calhoun Counties. We offer archery, shotgun and muzzleloader hunts. Our 9-day combination hunt offers the opportunity for two deer. Many clients have seen the biggest deer of their life on this hunt!


Our hunts are in Units 8 and 9 on approximately 12,000 acres of hills, timber and alfalfa pastures. This is a post rut hunt for serious trophy whitetail hunters. We offer two 5-day hunts a year for rifle hunters on this property. We also have a September muzzleloader hunt which sometimes proves to be the best hunt of the year. Archery hunts are in the peak of the rut and we average an 80% shot opportunity.


A three-hour drive North of Winnipeg puts you in the Interlake Region, which is known for excellent Whitetail and Black Bear hunts. Several camps on private land, little hunting pressure and heated stands provide the hunter with a good chance at a large Canadian Whitetail. Our Black Bear hunts are near 100% each spring with about a 30% chance of color phase.

Our second Manitoba location is a fly-in to the remote Lynn Lake area. This territory is about 70 miles below the Northwest Territories and consistently produces some of the largest bears in North America. Approx 80% of our bow hunters harvest Pope & Young bears. This area also has about 30% color phase. We also have excellent Canadian moose hunts in this area. Success rates are high and the Moose average 50 inches. This same outfitter also operates high success Whitetail hunts in the Duck Mountains area.


Hunt Northeast of Billings in the Bull Mountains along the Musselshell River for archery Elk, Antelope and Mule Deer. Our rifle hunts for Mule Deer, Whitetail and Antelope also have excellent success rates. This is a true spot and stalk hunt with a lot of glassing and ample opportunities.

In the northwest corner of the state, we offer spot and stalk Black Bear hunts. These hunts have a high success rate and approximately 35% of the bears are color phase.  Exceptional Antelope and Deer hunting also available with this outfitter.


Hunt for Mule Deer and Whitetail on over 60,000 acres of prime territory along the North Platte River. This is a high success area with Mulies averaging over 150 B&C and Whitetails over 130 B&C. This is a spot and stalk hunt and seeing 40-50 deer a day is not uncommon. Our archery hunts offer the rare opportunity to take either a Pope & Young Mulie or Whitetail on the same hunt! Muzzleloader hunts take place in late December when big bucks are beat up from the rut and are searching for food.


Fly out of Deer Lake to private land for Moose, Woodland Caribou and Black Bear hunts. Combinations are also available. All hunts are 1 on 1 and several 48-50 inch Moose are taken each year.

New Zealand:

Hunt the South Island in the Leithen Valley for Red Stag, Wapiti, and Fallow Deer. We also offer hunts out of Wanaka for world class Tahr and Chamois. Beautiful accommodations and 100% success rates make this an excellent hunt.

A second outfitter offers hunts for Red Deer, Elk, Fallow Deer, Tahr and Chamois in the Haupiri Valley on the west coast of the South Island. Free-range hunts for Red Deer are an option. Excellent trout fishing is also available. This outfitter also boasts a 100% success rate.


The best wolf hunting in Northern Ontario. Hunts take place December through March out of Kapuskasing (near Kap River). This is a unique hunting experience with 5 Star accommodations and a 75% success rate. Two wolves may be taken.


Offering one of the finest Quebec-Labrador Caribou hunts available. Fly from Montreal to Canapiscau and then take a float plane into the Leaf River area. Several camps ensure you will be in the heart of the action. We are able to fly hunters mid-week to new camps if needed, at no additional cost. The Leaf River herd consistently produces the most record book Caribou. This hunt allows 2 Caribou per hunter.

Our second outfitter hunts out of Valdor, and has excellent Black Bear hunts and fishing. This hunt is a great value as prices are very affordable and he produces respectable Bears. The fishing for Northern Pike, Walleye and Trout is outstanding.


Hunt big-bodied Canadian Whitetails out of the Sled Lake area. Monster bucks and excellent success mean very limited openings each year so contact us as soon as possible if you want a chance at a record-book deer.

Also available are excellent hunts for huge Whitetail and Elk on 1,100 acres of Cree Indian Reservation. This hunt is near Cut Knife on the Poundmaker Reservation.

South Carolina:

Generous bag limits (2 deer per day) along with excellent hospitality and accommodations make this an excellent hunt for Whitetail and/or Wild Boar. These hunts take place on 13,000 acres of private plantation land.

South Dakota:

Free roaming Buffalo hunt in the Southwest part of the state with access to over 64,000 acres. Excellent pheasant hunts are also available for a reasonable daily rate.


Hunt with one of the best Wildlife Biologists out of Texas A&M. This outfitter has 7 private leases to choose from and he takes excellent Whitetails from all of them. This is a great hunt, as you will see numerous bucks each day. Also available are exotics such as Blackbuck, Nilgai and free-ranging Aoudad. Predator hunts for Coyotes, Bobcats and Havelinas are also offered.

Free-range hunts in the Northeast part of the state are available for bucks scoring in the 135-155 inch range. A Doe and Wild Boar can also be harvested.


The Utah lion season runs from December through March and this outfitter consistently produces success rates around 95%. Licenses are offered over the counter. You better be in shape and ready for a great chase on this hunt.